Didi K.

Dog walker/sitter for small dogs in østerbro - specialised in sensitive dogs

2100 København Ø, Danmark


Hi there!

My name is Didi and that little fluffy dog in my pictures is my dog Toulouse. Together we would love to take care of your furry baby!

A little bit about us:

I am Dutch and recently moved to Copenhagen to move in with my boyfriend. We live in Osterbro in the cutest little street with 3 story houses with little gardens. I work part-time with very flexible hours and therefore have plenty of time to take care of your dog!

I got my dog Toulouse when she was a puppy. She is now almost 4 years old and she is a true Sheltie girl: full of energy! We go out about 3-4 times a day (2,5-3 hours in total) and you can find us around to the Fjaelledparken, Lersøparken or Svanemøllenstrand (in the winter).

The house:

We live in a 90sqm apartment on the 2nd floor, with a little front garden. Dogs are welcome in every room as well as on the couch. I'd be more than happy to stay your place as well though, with or without Toulouse.

Requirements for dogs:

In order to ensure a pleasant experience for both your dog and mine, it is important that our dogs get along. Therefore I only take care of of small (under 7 kg) female dogs or castrated males of the same size. Of course, I am willing to make exceptions after they seem to get along fine after a trial run.


I am specialized in insecure, nervous and/or sensitive dogs that need time to warm up to strangers or other dogs. Toulouse is a perfect companion as she is very gentle and respectful in the beginning, but can also be very playful when invited.

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  • Allowed Hvalpe og unghunde
  • Allowed Voksne hunde
  • Allowed Ældre hunde
  • Allowed Lille (op til ca. 10 kg)
  • Not allowed Mellem (ca. 10-25 kg)
  • Not allowed Stor (over 25 kg)