Elizabethde L.

Dog sitter with lifetime experience!

2150 Nordhavn, Danmark


Hi there, my name is Elizabeth, you can call me Liz. I am 30 years old and work as a designer. I have a very flexible schedule allowing me to go for long walk and enjoy the daylight with a 4 legged companion! I have grown up my whole life around dogs, taken care of dogs of all sizes, ages and races. I have been around day old puppies making sure they get the best experience from day 1, to 16 year old dogs who need patience and tender loving care.

I myself, had a Norwegian Elkhound for 16 years, this race required lots of exercise and attention. Recently I have taken care of Bella, an American Cocker Spaniel who is full who love and enjoys being around people and other dogs. She recently had puppies and I have taken are of some of those puppies as well as they went on to their new families. I also have experience taking care of Great Danes, two very opposite personalities, one a gentle Giant who enjoyed the couch and the other an energetic machine who required hours or exercise daily. I have experience with dog sitting small dogs as well such as a set of pugs who are loving and protective.

I love all dogs and going out for long walks or runs! I am also very patient and take the time needed to get to know a dog as each dog has a personality of their own.
For instance, I know Bella (the American Cocker Spaniel) Loves to run, however hates the rain! So if we get caught in rain, I need to get her home and dry asap. The pair of pugs are protective over their owners so I know I need to make sure no other dog gets too close or needy around them. I know the importance of socialising a dog and giving them the attention and physical motion they need, in order for them to be happy.

I hope your dog and I will become friends so we can enjoy the great outdoors together!

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